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Our Coaches


Co-Founder & Head Coach

“I started my fitness journey around 8 years ago with the very simple aim of gaining some weight. At the time I was about 8 stone and did not feel comfortable in my own skin.

I set myself the simple goal of gaining some weight and feeling better about myself. But over time the goalposts moved and when I started to see my physique change, after years or hard work, I was finally happy with how I was looking and I started to see a future in competitive bodybuilding. 

In 2015 I competed in my first show and placed 2nd. This landed me an invite to the UKBFF British Finals that same year, and several other competitions since.

Now I combine all that knowledge and experience to give my clients, from all walks of life, the results they have so desperately been after – just like I wanted all those years ago.”


Co-Founder & Coach

“I have always been active and fit, but as I’ve grown up, my focus has shifted towards losing fat and building lean muscle whilst still maintaining a balanced and social lifestyle.

Over the years, I have been able to build my physique to a competitive bodybuilding level and competed in multiple shows and placed 2nd & 3rd in 2 UKBFF competitions I enetered. 

I achieved much of this through trial and error which has built up my interest in evidence-based training and nutrition protocols. This, alongside 6 years of personal training experience, has helped me achieve results for 100s of my clients – all whilst studying at university, travelling, working 9-5 – and even eating on a budget!

Now my focus is all about changing the lives of others using enjoyable nutrition and exercise.”


PT & Massage Therapist

“I have worked in the fitness industry since 2010 as both a Personal Trainer and a Sports Therapist. I’ve always been into sport and played rugby through school and college.

My journey as a PT started with functional movement, circuits and a martial arts focus with an underpinning foundation of weight training. But having always wanted a more lean and muscular physique, my training focus has switched to bodybuilding and lead me to compete in the men’s physique category in both the UKBFF and the UKDFBA federations.

To achieve full body movement and functional fitness, I incorporate circuit training and boxing within my workout schedule. Combined with weight training, this allowed me to add muscle while competing in both physique and boxing disciplines.”



Lee started training in 2011 as a teenager with the focus of growing physically and mentally. As a child, Lee was overweight and his number one priority was to start the gym to feel fitter, leaner and be more positive and productive in life.

Using the last 10 years of experience Lee has taken his drive and passion into a career in online fitness coaching so he can help more and more people achieve their goals. 

Other than being self-motivated, Lee utilises being part of a team who iodolise helping others to push himself further as a coach. 

Lee has a background of helping different types of clients from thos who want to achieve a lean physique, grow muscle or just making an individual feel healtheir and happier so they can live a more positive and successful life.

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What our clients say about us

There is nobody else I would trust in supporting me to achieve my goals. I honestly could not be in safer hands. Jake and the whole team are like family and since joining, my life, in and out of the gym has elevated in every aspect.
Dee Taylor
Bikini Competitor - PCA Bikini Masters (3rd) & 2Bros IFBB British Finals (4th)
Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 10.55.53
Tam's food plan was a life changing alternative to my previous food plans. Tam steered me along and kept me on track to losing 32lbs and 6 inches on my waist in 11 weeks!
Andrew Pink
Lifestyle Client
I started with Tam and Amplified Nutrition in late August after losing my way with my diet and fitness. The support from Tam has been amazing and has enabled me to have a much better relationship with both food and exercise. Not only have i lost weight, my body has changed shape and I feel so much stronger! Could not recommend enough!! I'm looking forward to seeing my body change further in 2020.
Kimberley X.
Lifestyle Client
Jake's a f*cking ledge.
Josh Horne
Bodybuilding Prep Client
I've been coached by Jake since day dot (3 years and counting) and I wouldn't change it for the world. We have a great relationship built on a foundation of trust and respect, and he has never failed me. He cares about my health, happiness, and my success as a competitive athlete. We have amassed quite the trophy collection and we're not done yet!
Hannah 'Pocket Rocket' Wares
Bikini Competitor - 2Bros IFBB (1st, 3rd, 3rd), PCA (2nd), UKBFF (1st, 1st, 4th & 6th)
Joining Tom and Team Amplified was the best decision I could make for my competition. I competed in my second show and WON my category! A fabulous and knowledgable family and trainers.
Bikini Competitor - UKUP British Finals 2019 (1st)
Working with Tom this year has literally been transformational! Not only have I lost the 2.5 stone of sadness I gained while going through a hard time, I also lost the sense of hopelessness that I couldn't do anything about.
Zoe Carletide
Physique Transformation Client
Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 18.42.28
I joined Amplified after seeing the incredible physiques and transformations of their athletes. I've since had the best results whilst working with Jake and I've found it easier than ever because I'm eating foods I genuinely enjoy! Such a motivating team to be a part of!
Kayleigh Clarke
Bikini Prep Client
Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 18.46.11
Before starting with Jake, I had dieted for many years prior. However, I found myself yo-yo dieting without any real progress. So I started with Jake and ever since, I've had proper direction and more importantly I managed to escape the constant cycle of gaining weight, only to diet again for long periods. This is the most satisfied I have been with my nutrition, training and work-life balance.
Lifestyle Client
When I started with Brad I was the least comfortable I'd ever felt in my body. This quickly changed due to Brad's confidence in training me. He listened to me and my health condition that has a huge impact on my physical ability and tailored each session. Brad has drastically changed the way my body looks and increased my confidence. His professionalism is beyond my expectations and I am in awe of his positivity each session.
Toni Richardson
1-2-1 PT Client