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Tamir Sharp

Tamir Sharp

Personal Trainer / Massage Therapist


Functional Movement, Circuits & Personal Training


Amplified Nutrition




10 Years



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Tam has worked in the fitness industry since 2010 as both a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. He’s always been into sport and played rugby through school and college.

His journey as a Personal Trainer started with a functional movement, circuits and martial arts focus with an underpinning foundation of weight training. But, Having always wanted a more muscular and lean physique, his training focus has more recently switched to having a bodybuilding focus and has to lead him to compete in men’s physique for both the UKBFF and the UKDFBA federations.

To incorporate full-body movement and fitness, Tam continues to balance circuit training and boxing into his training schedule, bulking in the offseason and competing in both his physique and boxing disciplines in season.